Strategic Planning Services
Success in today's business environment requires a vision of the organization's future as well as the path it needs to get there. Developing a strategic roadmap can be the single most important element in a company's success and can also be the most challenging endeavor the organization will undertake.

Too often, the complexity in creating a strategic plan is underestimated. P3 understands the challenges typically faced by our clients in implementing the practices and processes necessary to support growth. P3's comprehensive Strategic Planning service has all the pieces needed to help organizations successfully move to new heights while allowing you to continue to focus on your daily mission activities.

P3's Strategic Planning services can help your organization:
• Identify and validate the strategic leadership team
• Establish where you are today and understand where you want to go
• Assess your timelines for reaching your goals
• Help in the development of the mission statement and the vision statement
• Assess the gap between the mission statement and vision statement
• Develop the formal plan to Identify the goals, objectives, strategic initiatives (focus areas), tactical work (projects)     needed to move the organization from its current state to a higher transformed state
• Assign owners and accountability methods
• Establish Performance Measures
• Evaluate, select, and deploy appropriate technologies

We invite you to learn more about P3's Strategic Planning Services. Please contact us today!