IV&V and Quality Assurance

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) and Quality Assurance services is an excellent way to ensure that your organization is receiving the value you are paying for while also instilling confidence in the final product. IV&V promotes the better use of resources and adds value to the overall development effort, ultimately improving product performance.

There are significant benefits associated with an effective IV&V and Quality Assurance program. IV&V goes beyond standard quality assurance, making sure that all of your contractual requirements are being met by producing a detailed analysis of the products and the processes for which your organization is paying. As such, an effective IV&V program promotes the concept of early risk and deficiency detection, resulting in increased cost efficiency and more accurate work products from the contractor or service provider.

Your organization's performance will rise to new levels as all parties are held to stringent and disciplined work effort reviews. P3 Partners is prepared to work with you as an unbiased evaluator to design and execute well defined IV&V and Quality Assurance protocols, providing you with the opportunity to significantly improve organizational effectiveness.

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